Wednesday, 21 September 2016

spontaneity and a playlist.


My word of the month. So exciting. So s p o n t a n e o u s. Let's act. Just go. Live.

Last Wednesday I did something so utterly spontaneous and so utterly freeing. Meeting a stranger can be incredibly daunting (will they like me? will it be awkward? what happens if we don't connect?) which is exactly why I didn't give myself a chance to feel nervous. I just did.

And now I'm going to just do.

Below are a few snaps of my London adventure with my new Dutch friend Sophie. And some very spontaneous songs to dance around to.  Urgh. I am now entirely in love with spontaneity and quite possibly even more addicted to adventure...

(above was taken on Ciara's 18th... we  slept in this beautiful tent and got a little bit drunk prank calling pizza places like 9 year olds)

All pictures were taken from my instagram (oceanpainter_) Do give the songs a try- they are so inspiring. 

Be spontaneously spontaneous in moments that beg for spontaneity,

(let me know below any post ideas... I've got a few autumn ideas eek)


  1. Wauw, well written! I think you mean Dutch girl, although Nederlandic sounds much more adventurous haha! I like the word spontaneous on itself a lot as well, like the letters and vocabulary (geeek) going to listen to the songs :)

    XX Sylke

    1. omg haha.. I'll change it to Dutch now - oops. The songs make me so happy :) lots of love and thank you for your comment!