Friday, 9 September 2016

procrastination + netflix.

I'm a cliche but Netflix. Yes, it may or may not have ruined my school life but Netflix. I've provided a  a little run down of my favourite Netflix adventures. Happy watching (and procrastinating). 

Stranger Things.  I must admit, I was reluctant to start this show. The hype scared me. And yet, obviously, I caved and.... l o v e d i t. It's spooky (but not overly so- I get horrendously scared by horror films and could only watch Harry Potter a few years ago without my head behind a pillow), it's touching and so unbelievably 80's. And the acting. If you like mysteries, plots and, in my opinion, amazing fashion then I highly recommend. 

Gossip Girl.  This was the first Netflix series I ever watched and was d e v o u r e d by me and my best friend. It's intoxicating. Character development, a certain 'ship' which I shall not spoil, and a mystery (of course) is what makes this series so addictive. It's escapism and the Upper East Side is an intriguing place to escape to...

How to get away with murder. I watched this in two days. Honestly, it's unhealthy. It's gripping and hooks you from episode one (trust me). Again, nothing too disturbing (I watched most of this in the dark, alone, at 11pm and survived) but so damn good. You will not want to stop watching. Ever. 
And I now want to be a lawyer. 

Pretty Little Liars Warning: this show will frustrate you. Seven seasons of not knowing is an agonising time and you'll soon find that as each season finale intensifies,  the desperation to KNOW does too. (This know will be apparent in the first episode of season one. Season. One.) That being said, there's something so incredibly addicting about PLL. I am entirely invested in these characters after such an emotional journey (and still going) that it would be cruel to turn off and leave. Definitely a good one to watch with a friend. Lots of very attractive people in Rosewood too...

And then my guilty pleasure. Once Upon A Time.  I can't deny that there are some serious plot holes; the seasons get progressively worse; the CGI is horrific and there are times where I am screaming at the writers.. and yet it still remains my favourite TV series. If OUAT gets you, it gets you. Utterly so. I would go as far to say that it is an obsession. The characterisation (for the most part) is superb and features one of my  favourite actor and actresses, Lana Parrilla and Robert Carlyle. The story line is enchanting, heart felt, clever and so ridiculously captivating. It a series of incredible depth, unspoken subtext and magic. And Swan Queen

Okay, that was fun. Post requests are always welcome.. 


  1. Omg I love OUAT so much. And Regina is my fav. I also watch HTGAWM and I love it too, as well as PLL. Too bad it's the last season, really.

    Have you tried Scream Queens? I really like this one too. Oh, and Downton Abbey.


    Renaud |

    1. Regina is my favourite character on the planet- hands down. I haven't tried Scream Queens although I feel as though I should... Thank you for your comment!