Sunday, 12 June 2016

bare feet dancing in your bedroom & a light breeze.

Directions for listening:
- play really loudly
- kick off your shoes
- dance around your bedroom
- look ridiculous
- laugh at yourself
- dream of summer and beaches and sand between your toes
- go for a crazy run with it blaring in your ears
- grin at yourself in the mirror

// Hello, this is my new series. I'm so excited by it! Music is an escapism... here's to finding beautiful alternate realities (and applying it to our own). You can find this playlist here [x]

everything's gonna be alright,

*photos taken from my tumblr*


  1. oh jessie i love the design of this post ! i don't knpw these songs but, as you says, i'm gonna listen them without my shoes ahah (i also follow you on snapchat ;))

    1. thank you so much, em <3 yes just go crazy dancing!