Saturday, 26 March 2016

painting an ocean

There are two 'spaces' that inspire me. The first is the night sky, the galaxies, and the last is the ocean. I created this blog to both find myself and find others. I created this blog so that I could paint my own inspiration- my own ocean.

And this blog has been more than that. It's inspired others too. I cannot fathom how my random thoughts, pictures, awkward poses have managed to help people. But its beautiful and beautiful things don't need explanations. So thank you. Thank you for supporting me. All your comments, direct messages, follows- they make me smile and feel this warmth at the world.

Thank you and please don't ever hesitate to pick up the brush and paint your own sky, forest, galaxy, ocean. Life has this liberating freedom to it.

Places to find me

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Snapchat// oceanpainterj



Stay tuned, exciting things coming...

*all photos from tumblr*

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