Monday, 14 March 2016

bridge burn

Jessie Wears

Jacket- Revolva
Plaid shirt- Revolva
Skirt- Forever 21
Watch- Amazon
Shoes- Converse
T-shirt- Sweet 'n Sassy 
Jumper- American Apparel
Scarf- Primark

It's been a long time since I came at you all with an outfit post. I guess I've just been busy (and lazy). This weather has been very difficult to plan outfits around- it's cold but not too cold and the sun does little to melt the chill. Let's just say I've been living in skirts, tights and scarves.

As you all know, vintage items are my favourite and ASOS Market Place's Revolva provides such beautiful retro items that quite literally go with any style. I just cannot wait until the sun rears its' head a little further and I can pair these items with shorts and bare legs.

Find things to smile about,

disclaimer: this is a sponsored post; however, all views are my own


  1. I just love your blog so so much! Every post is beautifully written and your outfits look put together but still effortless! I hope you have a good week and find things to smile about yourself

    Love from Germany

  2. as per I love your outfit! I can't wait for warmer weather too and the freedom of not having to wear a coat with everything haha x