Sunday, 21 February 2016

how to// study

Hello! This has been a highly requested blog post so I'm giving it a go.The following study (or revision tips) are completely subjective. This is just what I do to revise for an exam. Feel free to take, adapt, ignore or whatever- revision is all about what works for YOU. 

1// find a quiet place to work 
I used to do all my revision/homework etc on my bed before migrating to a much healthier option- a desk. Your back will start to K I L L after an hour of hunched scribbling and I would often find my motivation would subside in to a feeling of slumber (and then obviously Netflix). Keep your bed for relaxation, desk for work.

2// don't touch the phone
This is fundamental for productive revision. Push it away and keep it for a reward when you've completed your tasks.

3// work in 30 minute chunks
Studies show that working in shorter, more frequent burst is more productive than working in long hour hauls. I set my timer, push my phone away and then break for 10 minutes when the alarm sounds.

4// mind maps
I have always been a fan of the old mind map. It really helps to link points together and divide a large chunk of learning in to more manageable bites. I like to have themed mind maps for example, Henry VII foreign policy is in green. I am a very visual reviser- some people aren't. Again, it is what works for you.

5// snacks
Take snacks between meals to keep your energy up when revising. Try to avoid sugary items (trust me, I have the biggest sweet tooth) and go for something slightly healthier. Lately I've been eating Go Ahead Apple Bake bars - so good.

6// organisation
I have a black concertina file (£3 from Wilko's) to keep all my revision notes sorted. Tip: label EVERYTHING, literally everything.

7// make use of the internet
YouTube has some fantastic revision resources such as university lecturers, history documentaries and  maths step by step equations. The internet is my favourite revision tool! I also recommend the app Chegg Flashcards. This speeds up the revision card making process immensely and means that  you can test yourself where ever you are without the need to fumble around for weighty index cards. Quickly test yourself before an exam and you're good to go.

8// white board
I would not have achieved the grades I did if it weren't for my whiteboard. I purchased mine from WHSmith and honestly use it every day. It is a fantastic memory technique- scribble down as much as you can remember, erase it then start again. I liked to pretend I was teaching a class as I spoke out loud, orally talking myself through step by step.

Thanks for reading. I hope this was helpful :)

You can do it,

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  1. this is really helpful!! you're notes are super pretty and neat, I never though I would say i'm in love with your revision lol x