Sunday, 31 January 2016

where do you find inspiration? // pinterest

Someone once asked me, "Where do you find inspiration?" I find inspiration everywhere. And sometimes its important to collate all that inspiration together to share it and inspire more people to do the same. So, welcome to a new series of short posts (and yes I know, I've been the crappiest blogger recently).

Below are a series of collages I've made using pictures from my 5 favourite Pinterest boards. Pinterest is one of my favourite platforms to find inspiration. Each board is like a little pocket of colour and theme and words. Perfect!

1// home [x]

 2// fashion [x]

3// quotes [x]

4// locks [x]

5// adventure (shared board) [x]

Comment down below with some post ideas- thank you,

Bloom where you are Planted

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  1. pinterest is my fave place too:)) looking forward to future posts, I love it when you write short stories x