Saturday, 16 January 2016

let the wind taste your soul// adventure

Come with me, he said
I can't trust you, she replied
And he whistled away... frost in a flippant wind 

Guess who went on an adventure today? It was so refreshing to pick up my camera again- I had forgotten how freeing photography is. Please don't be fooled by these photos though; it was bitterly cold outside. Exposed hands were soon raw with frost bite- not pleasant. All the same, we had a beautiful and tranquil afternoon in the winter sun. 

Please do check out my wonderful friend April's blog (she's the blonde in these photos). You probably will have seen her before in my Snapchat vlogs (oceanpainterj) and my Instagram (oceanpainter_). Just click here [x] She is a beautiful story teller and has crazy contagious laughter :) 

Will be back very soon, keep living


  1. These pictures. They're perfect. I love the adventure feel to them. ♥

  2. The light in that first photo! Gorgeous.

  3. these photos are so beautiful, I have a sudden urge to just grab my camera and take photos now!! x