Saturday, 7 November 2015

the social media thing// the ramblings

I recently addressed this on Instagram (ironic I know) and wanted to elaborate on here. Okay so, social media is not real. This is arguably the most important THING about it: it is not real. Anything anyone posts online, whether that be youtube, tumblr, instagram, twitter is not real. Because you are viewing it through a screen. You are capturing a moment and then compressing it in to a gif or jpeg or a mp4 file or whatever and that is NOT REAL.

Now, I love Instagram. I have over 6,000 people that follow my feed; that is 6,000+ people that have never meet me in the flesh. Sure,they've met Jessie, oceanpainter_.... but they have NEVER met Jessie. And that's dangerous. I can portray whatever the heck I want to these 6,000+ people and they would never know the truth. And I, like anyone on any social media ever, am guilty of that.

Recently, I have been imagining  becoming instagram famous or youtube famous. Basically becoming an internet phenomenon. Then I watched this video [x]. And then I found her website [x] and honestly, I have never been so inspired in my life. Her video scared me. It made me want to take everything I had of myself down from the internet.


What if I was REAL? Okay, so nothing I ever post is going to be an absolute representation of what is going on in my life, but that doesn't mean that I cannot be free. Freedom is a powerful THING, let's prevent social media from compressing us. I believe that everyone has the ability to CHANGE something in the world-an opportunity- and maybe my opportunity is through instagram, or my blog? I have a freedom, a power to change something. And I don't want to abuse that power.

I'm not perfect. And I never will be. I don't ever post the bad stuff. The parts where I'm crying or feel unmotivated or depressed. Sometimes I feel ugly and unlovable. I'M HUMAN.

Everything I write and post is as real as one can be on social media. Or at least, I try. I never edit myself or change my appearance to please number. I would never objectify myself (although it is very tempting to sometimes want to). I  just want to be me, And to be free.

I want to write to make people think. I want to take pictures to inspire. I want to post a video to make people laugh. It is all too easy to fall in to the trap of social media- and I don't want to anymore. So heck, I'm going to post whatever I want because WHY SHOULD WE BE DEFINED BY A SOCIAL MEDIA PLATFORM?

So as my new inspiration so rightly says, "Let's be game changers!"


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  1. This is SO, SO true. Thank you for the reminder. <3