Friday, 13 November 2015

the infinite // short poem

And I used to run my hand through
The stars like the night was my 
And infinity was my paint brush 
And we were everything


But there was something beautiful in our existence...
In our nothingness,
As we realised that a tiny dot 
A sparkle
Of a distant star was so much more than we could ever be 
And we took a picture
And I hung it on my wall
To remember 
That even an infinity can end. 

I've decided I will try and write a poem a week and post it on here. They never take very long- this one was quite literally a stream of conciousness spanning a whole 30 seconds! Writing keeps me grounded yet allows me to fly...

Life is pretty hectic at the moment: school, job and just living. I feel pretty tired all the time and am verging on an existential crisis.... Music and Tumblr help :)

I will try and take a few outfit photos soon!

Keep existing,

*photo from tumblr*


  1. that poem is so cute, keep writing because i love to read your stuff! x

  2. Love the poem! You write so beautifully! xo