Wednesday, 2 September 2015

summer's final adventure // photography

Just recently I went on a beautiful, if not rather quirky, mini holiday on my grandparents' canal boat. Seldom do I take my Nikon anywhere other than for an outfit shoot- this time I wanted to branch out (even if it is the most awkward object to carry). There is something idyllic, verging on nostalgic about these photos. Again something alien to my usual style...

School starts on Friday. Or should I say sixth form? Either way, it is daunting. BUT I have dropped all the horrible subjects and now get to study English Literature, History and Art. WHAT!? You have no idea how amazing it feels to say bye to maths and science.

Will hopefully update again soon. Good luck to everyone starting school again!



  1. Wow Jessie those photos are adorable! You have such great talent, love the 'late summer vibes' in this! And omg I'm so jealous, when I'll start studying art i'm still going to have maths and stuff...

    1. Your comments always make me smile! Yessss, I am feeling those vibes haha

  2. i love this.. its so cute

  3. These pictures are so good! Don't you find it weird saying your starting sixth form!? I go to college and it feels so weird when I'll tell my mum about my day and its like today at COLLEGE, we're beyond school now it feels so bizarre! Or maybe that's just me aha x

  4. good luck at school, and your photos are beautifullllll x

  5. I love your pictures! They really give me the summer feelings. Here in Holland, summer is now slowly fading away unfortunately. x

  6. Beautiful photography<3<3 I'm new to your blog and I love your photography!

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