Saturday, 22 August 2015

the ramblings// treacherous

The above quote is from the novel 'Paper Towns' by John Green. I had always brushed over this quote, perhaps because I didn't fully understand the meaning. Or perhaps because it lacked significance to my life at that moment. Yesterday, the quote was said by the protagonist in the movie version of the novel. And then it hit me.

What are we all? What are we all, really? Just people. Right? People- defined by our experiences and decisions; yet,  that will never detract from the fact that we are all just people. Green is right. It is nothing short of dangerous to fuel all your hopes in to a  person. A person that is elevated so high in your world that even you can't see that their feet have never really left the bottom. By doing so, one is betraying a person's humanity; denying them of being anything but this person when all they crave is to just be a person. And its dangerous because it is impossible. Disappointment is inevitable, respectable, admirable. We shouldn't expect anything less or anything more of anybody. We shouldn't suppress emotions because they defy the very mattering of the person everyone expects us to be. Believing is merely a splinter away from expecting. And that is a very treacherous thing.

What I am trying to communicate is that you should never believe that you're not worthy enough to fill someone's expectations. Similarly, you should never expect anyone to be anymore than what they are. I will try and remember this as I continue through life. I think, I know, that I will be much happier.

Thank you for bearing with me on this ramble. I would love to hear about your own interpretations of this quote...



  1. Great post! This is actually what I'd say too (you're really good at writing such psychological stuff tho, not like me haha) and I'd also add the fact that people are never the person we see. There's so much more inside us that defines our personality and I think to expect too much from each other is to not understand that we all see even the smallest things different, we all have our good and bad parts... Your interpretation of the quote is really good so you may understand this: On the street, at school, wherever, the people are passing and they kind of look all the same. But when you fall in love with someone who others don't see as pretty, he is the most beautiful person on earth for you though. What I actually wanted to say is that a person isn't more than a person as long as you don't know them but as soon as you've found a good friend or a lover who shares your dreams and thoughts, this can change. And he may still not be the one that YOU see but that's all right because you're fine with that and he probably feels the same :)
    Hope this wasn't too long and blurry haha

    1. Yes, I completely agree. Perceptions can change drastically and that person becomes a significant part of your life. I loved the analogy of everyone looking the same as they walk by. Thank you for the insightful comment xx

  2. you're writing is so inspirational, I'm starting to read the book I'm os excited x

  3. I read this book a months ago and I loved it.
    John Green made me think a lot about things in life.
    My interpretations of this quote are just like yours and "young soul"