Saturday, 18 July 2015

exploring (a different kind)

I wanted to try something a little different today! As you probably know, I would love to travel. Unfortunately, my opportunities have been quite limited compared to some so I have found a simple alternative for the time being : Google Maps. (I imagine google earth is better for this challenge but downloading that looked like waaay too much effort!)

I have chosen/randomly five different places in the world on google maps, this morning, that just look so so so intriguing! Hopefully this will provide some inspiration, and maybe encourage you to try this out yourself?

1// Croatia

2// Ethiopia

3// Iceland

4// Venice

5// Maine, USA

I was intending on captioning each photo in more detail, before I decided against it. These pictures speak volumes without my ramblings tagged on the end... so instead I think I'll just say, wow! This earth is absolutely incredible... every crevice is a new wonder, every terrain a new experience, every city a new personality. Exploration is endless and one, just one day, I hope to venture further than the confinements of familiarity. I want to go to Africa and see the poverty; to go to India and open my eyes to their way of life; to go to Iceland and be chilled to the bone in awe! And when I do, I will document every step and share it with those who, like me, wish to explore.

Thank you for your responses to my last post - your comments made me smile and gave me many more ideas! I am off on holiday tomorrow but will take pictures to share (hopefully).



  1. have an amazing holiday! these places look amazing, I want to travel so much. I have a bucket list of places to go! x

  2. These pictures look so wanderlust, love your blog by the way!
    Michelle x
    Visit my blog!

  3. I love these pictures and I'm going to definitely try something like this out myself! I would love to see a post on all your charity shop finds!
    Amie x