Saturday, 23 May 2015

dealing with school stress // advice

As you are all aware, I am in the midst of my GCSE's. I still have 8 more to go :( but ahhhh I can practically taste summer! Before I started my exams, I was so stressed. I viewed an A* as the be-all- and-end all grade; however, I was SO wrong. Expecting grades is ridiculous. One exam does not determine your ability as it is dependent on so many things. I came out of my English Literature exam thinking I had not done as well I should have. I may have done. I may have not. Yet, as long as I have tried my best, I don't mind any more.

Here are a few tips I have accumulated over my exam period so far (I have tried to keep them as original as possible) :

1//Don't take everything your teachers say literally.  An exam does NOT define your life and never will. There are always doors to be opened, regardless of the path you take.

2// Don't compare yourself to other people.  I have some seriously smart friends who will inevitably get 12 A*. Accept that you are different and have your own strengths :)

3// Take a step back if it gets too much.  As soon as I feel myself getting stressed out, I stop working. This usually, for me, means watching Netflix (which I do ALL THE TIME) or listening to music.

4// Plan past paper questions. Exams are not always about knowledge; you have to know how to apply what you have learned to a question. I struggle with further additional science as it is so much more than just recall - I plan to try and do some past papers to adjust to the exam material.

5// Do what revision you feel is necessary. It is very easy to get freaked out when a friend is doing LOADS of revision. Yet, again, everyone is different - do what you need to do to get the grade you want.

6// Don't have expectations. When you get your exam results, do not expect any grade. This will hopefully eradicate the disappointment if you get lower than anticipated (or at least cushion it).

7// Have exciting things planned for summer. Summer is my biggest motivation to endure this tedious period! Bring on the 19th of June :)

8// Find a spot to chill. For many, including me, that is their bedroom. Make sure that your revision does not consume every nook - give yourself space to relax and most importantly SLEEP.

Sorry that this post was so boring. More exciting things coming this way soon, trust me! Have several outfit posts planned for summer ect (maybe even some DIY's?).

Keep going guys
 much love,



  1. This post wasn't boring! They are all really good tips so thanks. And good luck with your GCSEs!

  2. I'm doing mine at the moment too and I feel you about the comparing yourself thing! I hate when people say how many hours of revision they've done and its just like okaaaaay. I probably take way too many breaks though, but I just cant help it if I'm revising a subject I don't like. Like right now, I'm meant to be revising maths but its just so hard to get into it right now! I really liked this post, that sounds so weird but like yeah an enjoyable revision break read :)x