Wednesday, 8 April 2015

revision and adventures

My Easter holidays have consisted of... REVISION REVISION PROCRASTINATION REVISION ONE LOVELY DAY OUT REVISION REVISION. On a brighter note- I am back with a blog post containing some ramblings and bad quality photos. Woo!

On Tuesday I went exploring London with my friend, whilst allowing the sunshine to consume my stress *screams* The weather was nothing short of perfect and I was very disappointed I didn't take my camera along with me :( The lovely church was in Camden, extremely near London Zoo. It was undoubtedly the prettiest church I have ever been to with ACTUAL blossom blowing around me. We also sat along the canal eating a very unhealthy crepe. Neal's Yard in Convent Garden was another spot we explored briefly. The colours are so beautiful in the sun and made a very lovely Polaroid ;) To finish the day off we immersed ourselves in Forever 21 along Oxford Street and spent SOME money oops.

In another news... I GOT A PENNY BOARD. Expect many more Penny related adventures coming your way after my exams (which finish the 19th of June). Admittedly mine is fake and only cost me £15 but it is still AMAZING and leaves me feeling fully hispter-fied.

I am not sure when my next post will be :( Hopefully I'll found a spare hour here or two. BRING ON SUMMER!

Excuse my over capitalisation in the post. I am feeling rather drained of excitement (seriously, click this link to my science and feel soul crushed [x] and comment below if you ACTUALLY did).

Keep smiling,

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  1. I know how you feel Jessie, revision is soooo boring! But it will all be over soon and summer will be amazing. Good luck! P.S. love these photos x