Saturday, 25 April 2015

I forgot // writing inspiration

Urgh it has been such a long time since I've posted. I feel a bit like crying a little every day I wake up. The exam stress has definitely consumed me and I'm just trying so hard to keep things in perspective. I always listen to relaxing music before bed with my fairy lights on to calm me down - it helps. I also haven't written anything in a while. Of course I've written essays (way too many) and revision notes and mind maps and quotes, but not the type of writing I feel most free in. I honestly have no idea how this little paragraph will go, as usual I am writing whatever comes in to my head, but you guys always seem to like my musings so here goes: *read this whilst listening to Paint by The Paper Kites (it's what I listened to as I wrote this) *

I saw the world today. 
Alone. I barely moved. Just sat and drank the world like a drink of the purest water. Only the rain masked my thoughts that licked the mountains and danced in the rivers. I forgot. The air was so comforting. An embodiment of senses as I allowed the wind to skim my skin. I flew higher. And higher in to the clouds that greeted me as I danced in the filtering sunlight. I forgot. The pine needles caught the rays. A harmonious battle of nature as I laughed in the sheer sublimity of the sky. I forgot. I forgot that I had turned the final page. 
I forgot that I was reading. 

I guess that was a mere portrayal of the power a really good book can have over us. I hope to write a book like that one day : an all consuming tale that tampers with reality.

Keep breathing and listening to the world around you,

all these pictures were taken from my tumblr


  1. Amazing as always jessie, you must write a book one day! Love the photos too x

  2. Aa I love this, totally imagine what you were describing when reading that paragraph! I wish I was this creative :-)

    Rebeka from Rebeka Taylor xx

  3. Aah I love your writing so much. I wish I was abke to write as well as this. :)

  4. wow so beautiful and love all the pictures as well!!

  5. Your writing is beautiful. So beautiful. Also, I'm sorry to hear you feel so stressed and I hope you'll feel better soon and that you do well on those exams!