Wednesday, 4 March 2015

End of GCSE wishlist

Next month I start to sit the most important exams of my life so far. Honestly, the only thing that is keep me sane is the thought of summer and holidays and long evenings and more importantly NO WORK! I have created a wishlist of things I hope to treat myself/ ask mummy very nicely to buy after completing all my exams:

1// Kanken Rucksack. This year I'm going abroad *ahhhhh* and this bag would look so great on my back as I walk along the beach. I will probably end up using it for sixth form as well :)

2// White Low Converse. These have been on wish list for ages. Summer is the perfect  excuse.

3// Paperblanks Journal. So pretty and unique - a must needed addition to my instagram photos.

4// Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara. If you look up the results of this mascara on the eyes, you will see why this is up here.

5//Mom Jeans. My bestie and I have been eyeing up 'Mom' Jeans for so long now. Bring on sixth form in our stylish new jeans, floppy hats and NO SCIENCE.

6// Holiday. Words cannot explain my excitement for Spain this year.

7// Peach Nail Polish. This is going to be slapped on as soon as I have walked out of my Physics exam on the 19th June. Bring. It. On.

Sorry if this post was boring. I am sitting in bed ill right now and my creative juices are stalled. I should be revising dynamic equilibrium *hi fives if you know what that is and appreciate its dullness* but well.... Chemistry doesn't exactly feed my soul. I will keep you informed soon of my recent school struggles and the occasional outfit post. The summer cannot come quick enough.

Much love,


  1. I just wanted to let you know that i really love your blog and that i really enjoy reading it. The way your write and also the topics you're covering are really relatable to me and i love to relax with a cup of tea while reading your recent post. Also this made me so excited for summer holidays!

  2. these things are all so niceee! my exams start on my birthday in may ahhhh :( I feel your pain! x

  3. Omg I feel ur pain. Well I'm in year 10 and we just had mocks *cry* but summer needs to come so I can meet up with friends and go on bike rides in the evening ahhh. Have a fab time in Spain and good luck in ur GCSEs I'm sure u will do find