Monday, 19 January 2015

Writer's Clutter + Giveway Winner

Over the weekend , in between a mountain of photography prep, my mother and I decided to change my room up a bit. I've always loved the idea of a desk in front of the window where I could look out and dream whilst sketching (or more likely doing homework). We moved my bed, my desk and my wardrobe and I just LOVE the results. I plan to show you the rest of my room soon :)

Now for the giveway winner...It was SO hard to choose just one as I appreciate all of your support. In the end I put three of my favourites in a tea light holder and asked my brother to do the big reveal.

Congratulations BETH from @catchingoptimism

Also thank you to my beautiful runners up @sweetgirl.n and @catching9dreams
All three of your entries were wonderful and thank you for your ongoing support and comments :)

I really do appreciate all the comments and entries from EVERYONE



  1. your room is to die for!! would love to see a room tour. so happy being runner up thank you! x

  2. your photographs are amazing so talented

  3. Aww that's okay and I wish you a great day ily! xx (it's @sweetgirl.n btw)

  4. Aww I'm glad you liked my entry! Wish you a wonderful day! xx