Saturday, 31 January 2015

Mellow Weekend

Jessie Wears
Coat - Charity Shop
Jumper - Topshop
Jeans- Topshop
Hat- Miss Selfridge
Ring- Accessorize 
Bag - Topshop
Shoes- Berksha

Hello! This morning, when I awoke from a lovely and no-school-tomorrow sleep, it was SNOWING. Admittedly, it only snowed for an hour and then melted shortly after but it was gorgeous whilst it lasted. Today I am debuting these really strange yet amazing socks ... with bandages on *whaaattt* I've seen this socks around a lot lately and have always been intrigued by their look. These beauties are so delicate you barely notice they're on and are a perfect addition to an otherwise boring outfit. Check out Mellow Weekend to pick some up for yourself :)

I hope you enjoyed these wintery, snow melty photos taken *again* by my beautiful friend Ciara. Wish me luck for my Art and Photography GCSE's that start on Monday arghhhh!



  1. You look amazing I love this!! The photos are fab as always ahhh this has made me want to go on a photoshoot :) x

  2. Passing my dishevelled bag off as your own now are we!?? ;) xxx

  3. Such a pretty outfit! And those shoes are so cute. :)


  4. really like those socks!

  5. I adore this outfit! That jacket is simply perfect, and those shoes are so so lovely! I love how simple it is, but it just totally works :) Great photos too xx
    Life in Ginger