Sunday, 11 January 2015

100 followers + giveaway


Personalised notebook
x 2 Watercolour art painted by myself
Personalised Letter
Unworn heart lock earrings
2015 bookmark
Small quotes on brown paper

So I have reached 100 followers. WHAT!? To celebrate this exciting figure I have decided to host a giveway for all my Europe followers. This morning I went out in the gorgeous winter sun and took some photos to promote the prize. 


1. You must be following my blog on bloglovin
2. You must live in Europe
3. Comment below what your favourite blog post of mine is and WHY 

The giveway will close after a few days so be quick! I will also put a post on my instagram where you can comment below on there aswell, although you DON'T have to if you have commented on here :)

Good luck loves! Thank you for all the support x



  1. Hi Maisie,
    I love all your blog posts but I love this one especially,
    I think it's nice to see what good things people find from little charity shops. (I also love the denim on denim outfit, something that a lot of people can't pull off but you certainly can!)
    Thank you for holding a giveaway, congratulations on all your followers :)
    Becky xx

  2. pathetic apology, explanation and pointless ramble is my favourite blog post because you're just so honest and friendly in it and I found it interesting, not boring at all and I really love the picture too💕

  3. Oh I'm so upset I don't live in Europe! What a wonderful giveaway and congrats on 100 followers! x Erin
    The Halfway Point

  4. Aah I actually love all your posts! They are so genuine and real and I sometimes recognize myself in you! If I were to pick a favourite, it'd be pointless Ramble, I don't really know why but there was something about the story that I loved! Thanks again for your giveaway, kisses!

  5. this one is my favourite because the poem is really unqiue holding a moving message. your writing style is beautiful and so is your outlook of life. i love your way of thinking and i believe the same as you: one should live despite the ups and downs. your positivity amazes me :--)

  6. once again your photography is amazing lovely! well, you know I have followed your blog since i started my own and i am your number one fan! my favourite post is probably "Jennah//Short Story" because it was the first time I read one of your amazing stories! Every since you have inspired me with your writing, style and photography! Your words are so poetic,so true and so meaningful! so i couldn't help but want to read every other post since! you know how much I love your writing and how it gets my feel ins spot on! I don't think you know how good you are! I also love "Wasted" and "Budapest" as you can put any outfit together and look on pointttttt :) Tasha xxx

  7. Heya! My favourite post was your most recent one, the thoughts 365 days because it was so pretty and well writen. You are so wonderfully talented, you deserve alot more recognition! I love your insta and blog so i would love to win this pretty little prize! Congrats on 100 xxx

  8. My favourite blog post of yours is definitely 'the ramblings// love stuck' pretty much because it is so relatable hahaha:') it was the first blog post of yours I read when I found your blog and I was like oh my god this is literally me and I instantly fell in love with your blog and then I found your Instagram and I was like why have I just found you omg�� I love how you use writing to express how you feel in short stories/ kind of rants because I feel like we all want to do that but never really think about putting it on a page, and this particular one of yours made me feel so much better because I literally thought I was like the only person who felt like that! So yeah ty for that☺️ love ya so much and congrats on 100 followers you deserve it ������

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