Monday, 22 December 2014


Jessie Wears
Coat- Charity Shop
Shoes- Berksha
Socks- Topshop
Two Piece- Moonwaves Clothing

Christmas is imminent and oh my am I excited. Wrapping up warm, songs, lights - everything! Recently, I received this lovely two piece from Moonwaves Clothing. It is such a fantastic addition to my wardrobe and works well for both opposing seasons (summer and winter). Also, I found this beautiful boyfriend coat in a charity shop. Wow. I had been scanning the shops left, right and centre for a beige felt jacket and this was just p e r f e c t. Such a bargain - £9 for a real cashmere coat! I would definitely recommend charity shops for good quality jackets during the winter months.

To top this whole outfit off, I opted for my new Berksha military boots. These are just so comfy and look great with EVERYTHING. Anyway, stay tuned for some more wintery posts coming your way and Merry Christmas xx



  1. I love the two piece, and that coat is such a good find! love your blog gal, have a lovely christmas xx

  2. I love this outfit! Your blog is awesome! Please check out my blog thank you!

  3. Wow your coat is soo gorgeous! unbelievable that you found this in a charity shop!

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  5. creepin on your blog. loving it all. you're gorgeous.