Friday, 5 December 2014

christmas diy: recycled shelf tree

Hello! As promised, here is a long over due DIY for Painting The Ocean. And it is a Christmas one. This may not be the worlds' most polished  and pretty looking tree, however it sure is easy and it's recycled so smiles all round. Let's begin!

1// What you will need:

1 Pot

Useful items
Washi Tape
Blue tack

2// Draw about 5-7 squares on the cardboard. I wanted my squares to be uneven so I got a big marker pen and drew boxes varying in size. If you would prefer to have an even tree, use a ruler and carefully plan out the size of each square. Make sure the squares get increasingly smaller. 

3// Cut out the squares. Pretty self explanatory. 

4// Lay all the squares on top of each other (smallest at the top) and push a pin through them. You may have to push quite hard or split the pile in to two. I then used scissors to widen the hole.

5// Take the largest square and place it about mid-way down your stick. Then cut off about 15cm of string and start tying it to the stick, just below the large square. *Literally go to town wrapping around in a weird intricate circle of loops*

6// Start to place the squares evenly on the stick. Ensure you get smaller with each square. This part can be quite tricky so you may want to use blue tack or washi tape to keep the squares in place and balance them out. 

7// Lastly, place in a pot of your choice and you're done. I stuck my stick in the middle of a string ball to keep upright. I then put tissue around the sides.

I love how simplistic it looks compared to the usual Christmas tree! Plus, it is a great idea if you don't have a lot of space or find Christmas trees too cluttered. You can customise this DIY however you would like, whether that be with coloured paper, glitter, washi tape, a coloured stick- the possibilities are endless. This little guy looks great on my shelf above my desk. If you create your own recycled shelf tree, then please post a picture on instagram and use the hashtag #paintingtheoceandiy

Hope you're all feeling festive!


  1. This is such a great idea! I can't wait to try it out. :)

    xx Nicole Rose