Wednesday, 17 December 2014

a wonderfully christmassy collage

The christmas holidays are almost upon us! I cannot express my excitement for cosy evenings, trips to London and a lovely vacuum of spare time. Ahhhh. Only one more exam to go... In between History revision I decided to collect some of my favourite Pinterest festivities and arrange them in to a wonderfully christmassy collage. Like, dude, I need I get myself some brown wrapping paper.

I have such amazing (running out of adjectives here) ideas for this Blog including a GIVEAWAY very soon so keep updating your feeds. I hope you are all excited for Christmas and if you are religious, remember to reflect on what it is really about :)

Here's to two weeks of heaven,


  1. pinterest is the best! love reading your blog x,uk

  2. I'm luvinn the christmas spirit! And omg the wrapping paper, I need to get some of that!