Saturday, 11 October 2014

my favourite book// short story

Her book is open on page seventy-seven. I watched her as she turned the page. I watched her as she lifted off the seat and placed a scarf over her purse. I watched her as she walked past me to collect her drink. I walked over, myself, and read the title at the top of the page. It was slightly crusted with coffee stains, as if she brushed her fingers over it constantly. The bottom left corner was folded over, saving her place for when she returned.

My red pen is angled at the curve of her back. It is as though every inch of my being is gravitating towards her tumbling blonde hair. The kids' homework lies next to me, untouched, even though tomorrow will be met with a tirade of emails from parents. Private school is not at all private. I can't stop thinking about that book. The book that lies on my next-door pillow, that sits on the bathroom floor whilst I brush my teeth, is in my hand whilst I ignore the musings of the teaching staff. My favourite book.

So inevitably, as she drains her coffee and turns the page and smiles at the old guy coughing and laughs at her phone and writes in her notebook and gazes out the window and crosses and un-crosses her legs, she is my favourite person.

Hello! There you go. Another story that pretty much drained off my finger tips as I typed. I have decided to write stories based on a picture, whether that be from Tumblr or from a picture you guys can email me. Writing is my favourite thing in the world. I love to express myself and although my stories aren't always grammatically correct (which I often do on purpose to add character), I do very much they are enjoyable to read.

Happy October,



  1. Wow! that's is a-m-a-z-i-n-g! You have a talent! Soo, I just found your blog and it's wonderful and gave you a follow! Have a happy day:)
    xx June

  2. This is so amazing! You are such a great writer! What a lovely way to end my day :)

    Ruby xox