Saturday, 18 October 2014

Clara // Autumn Fashion #1

Clara // Autumn Fashion #1

Clara // Autumn Fashion #1 by jessiemaisie 

Hello lovely people! Recently, I discovered the world of Polyvore and it is sooo amazing. This little outfit I put together this morning, when I should have been doing homework, is just perfect for autumn. I especially adore the fur gilet with cami and the dream catcher necklace. If you click on the image, you can check out my account and see where everything is from :)

I will forever be dreaming of sixth form days (in less than a year yay!) where I can sit in English wearing ripped skinnies and a floppy felt hat #toosophisticatedforyou

What is your favourite look?



  1. Ahh, I like the fur gilet, the hat & watch so much!!
    Polyvore is such a great websit! I feel I haven't used it in while though, but it's normally used when I have nothing to post haha!!

  2. Nice set you made :)


  3. such a beautiful outfit, I'm in love! x