Friday, 12 September 2014


I like us better when we're wasted. (Don't tell me you didn't sing this line in your head). Today was a take photos at school kind of day. Oh yes. I stayed after school on a Friday to use the photography departments' amazing white background. But, it is the weekend which means countless hours of homework and gossip girl.

Jessie Wears
Jacket// Charity Shop
T-shirt// Primark
Jeans// Charity Shop
Shoes// Primark

To be honest, I might even say that this outfit is pushing on boring. However, it is September and that is a time for skinny jeans, granny jackets and wannabe Timberlands.



  1. these photos are amazing are so unique! love this outfit x

  2. Oh my god, you're stunning! And I love your outfit so much, I'm such a flop when I try and go charity shop shopping because I always go into them when I'm not in a shopping mood. I love your jacket and jeans! Well basically just your entire outfit :)x