Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Cornwall Part 1

School starts tomorrow and quite honestly I feel depressed about it. Teachers, homework, arguments and stress about exams. Anyway, I recently got back from my holiday in Cornwall and had such an amazing time! I put together a selection of photos taken with my phone. The above was taken at my great grandma's bungalow in Penzance and oh my, so many succulents!
Our seaside cottage was so cute, especially my parents bedroom. It was very hard for me not to put that aztec rug in my bag. Oh and purchase some blue paint to smother my floor.
Penzance prom is soooo beautiful and the light that evening was mystical.
Here are just a few random photos featuring the most amazing mirror in history which begged me for a selfie.

I've got many more photos but I'll save those for part two (also they don't seem to be uploading grr). And for all those back to schoolers I am with you in the pain.



  1. it looks beautiful there, I love your photography! x

  2. Thanks so much - I love reading your comments :)