Friday, 8 August 2014

the ramblings #1 // living that tumblr life

This is the back bone behind my new series of posts, 'the ramblings'. Whilst I was reading the replies to my survey [x] some very honest soul said that my blog content was a bit shallow. And now I think I understand what she/he means. So in response to this wonderfully honest person I will be writing about less shallow and more thought provoking topics. That make you think. And smile. And relate to. Hence the use of ramblings.

Living that tumblr life  If you reflected on the amount of internet you used in the average day, I can honestly say that you would be shocked. Whether we are aware or not, the internet shapes our lives and consumes a good percentage of our thoughts. When I awake its hello instagram, when I go to sleep its why goodnight pinterest. And it isn't necessarily a bad thing. Yet, I have found that recently my mind is being controlled by this omniscient cyber king to the great extent that I have started to shape my own life around it. I go to starbucks and buy a ridiculously priced creamy cooler so I can post it on instagram, I take my phone everywhere in case a rad looking succulent stumbles in to view, I find myself wanting to meet with friends in 'tumblr' places so that I can take pictures. It is pathetic yet wonderful all at the same incomprehensible time. I don't want anyone to think my life is 'tumblr' or my bedroom is 'pinterest'worthy or that I eat 'instagram' food. I post the pictures because that is our world nowadays but believe me every starbucks/polaroid/succulent picture is not effortless. It has been moulded multiple times until I am happy with the look before taking a million shots at different angles in order to get those likes and gain those follows. I'm not saying I'm going to stop, in this lifetime it is almost impossible to not come across a starbucks or an american apparel without someone taking a picture. Yet, I want to highlight to anyone who reads this blog that that is not my reality. So I've taken some pictures. Pictures that portray my life in a very realistic way. Much more realistic than my non-filter policy on my instagram, much more realistic then any other blog post I have ever posted. These photos aren't tumblr or pinterest(y) or instagram(y). They aren't even attractive. They are just life. 

Thanks for reading this ramble, I really hope this style of posts interests you and maybe insights some thought?



  1. Wow this is an amazing post !
    Eb x

  2. This is incredibly accurate!!! You have just written down like all of my thoughts and opinions!! And I'm sure this applies to every single teenaged girl!! Great work!

    1. Glad you enjoyed it and I hope so :)

  3. This is so true wow! x