Monday, 11 August 2014

Short Story// A different fairytale

I took this picture a while back and instantly fell in love. The sheer concept that my little camera can capture something so dark and brooding and portray these emotions through a single snapshot never ceases to amaze me. Okay, maybe I did enhance the picture a little.

Today I have another short story for you. As I type this I have no idea what this story is going to be about, the characters or anything so I will just stare out my window for a few minutes and think.

She aches to be a Disney princess. All long hair that tangles around the perfect tiny waist and large hips. A voice that can lift birds of their feet or draw a prince in for a lingering kiss. To be so effortlessly beautiful that a man can fall in love at first glance. So pure that any hint of evil diminishes in her power. She wants a name that melts on the tongue, friends that stand by her in the most harrowing of times. She wants a musical. A happy ending. And she will get an ending. But it may not be happy.

I watch her now. Eyes closed dreaming. She doesn't know but to me she is everything as perfect as Cinderella or Belle or Ariel. More perfect. Because she is fighting. The evil that eats away at her lungs cannot be destroyed by true loves kiss. Yet all though it tries, it can never rip apart her heart. Tear the last thread of love that prevents her from slipping in to oblivion. Both of us. Together fighting for every day knowing that one moment we could be people and the next angels.

My bed is near hers. If I muster up enough breath I can reach her hand with my finger tips. Soft and shivering in the dull air. I don't wait for the orchestra, the birds or the wreath of love hearts. I squeeze her fingers and her eyes open. I tell her, with my own smile, how beautiful she is, how perfect and how she is my brave brave princess. 

Even if it isn't Disney, it's still a fairytale. Just a different kind.

Thanks for reading,


  1. Jessie this is amazing. You've written in such detail without rambling on, how? Such a lovely piece of writing gurl, you should be proud! xx

  2. ahh love this piece! such a great little story!!

  3. Omg you are amazing at writing, you seriously need to do this as a future career! When you write, even just your usual blog posts, I always want to read more! I properly sound so weird aha but i just love your blog and Instagram. I'll shut up now :) x

  4. Awh. This story is uplifting and sweet. Every girl feels this way sometimes and thanks so much for writing it. We all want to be Disney princesses. We all want someone to sweep us off our feet, to sweep someone off their feet. We all strive for perfection