Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Lately Loves

Hello! I have decided to start ANOTHER series of post's regarding what I am loving at the moment.

1// Sheppard- after recent adventures at a theme park near me I fell head over heels with this band and the amazing blue hair, so much so that their song Geronimo has been played over and over and over.

2// This photo on my Tumblr- Tumblr in general is fantastic and I've been inspired sooo much.

3// Urban Outfitters- Forever out of my price range but forever my favourite place for homeware.

4// Made In Chelsea In NYC- Oh my. My favourite TV programme is back in ironically ... not Chelsea?

5// This outfit on The Views Of Now- Isabella is my style icon and this denim jacket is my favourite thing ever.

5// CCTYLR on Instagram- Christie's photos are all over my Tumblr and now I finally know the gorgeous lady who's behind all this wonderfulness.

- J


  1. Nice :) That photo is beautiful ! And I love urban outfitters too, but just a bit too expensive haha ! How's your room decorating going ? Mines going pretty bad haha. I've done nothing at the minute just dream about hundreds of ideas and how I wish my room was bigger or smaller or this shape haha :) Think I've picked a duvet cover which is a start !
    Eb x

  2. wow you have great taste hehe! x