Thursday, 31 July 2014

Room Inspiration #1

Hello! Ever since I first moved into this house I have had the same room. And I will continue to have the same room unless I change it. Considering I am doing this mini redecoration with money from my own purse, I cannot purchase everything I desire... So I will DIY it! This summer I have decided to turn my room from a prettypastelvintage palace in to a sophisticated bedroom. However, I don't have a lot to work with considering I cannot purchase any furniture or move the furniture around or paint the walls. Hmmm. 

I really really really LOVE this mood board I created from bea-u-tiful rooms I found on the wonderful wide web. I am hoping to incorporate some black into my bedroom *goth alert* alongside the blues and greens of the pastel colours to add an industrial edge *my inner interior designer is escaping*. I am so excited to start and will make sure I document any DIYs I do and share with you guys! So far I have come up with a list of steps:

1. Buy new black and white bedspread
2. Buy fairy lights to brighten up the wall
3. Print out pretty black and white prints
4. Change poster in frame with a DIY print
5. Hang up photo frames in a collage
6. Up-cycle my bin AND my chest of drawers - paint mint green/ pale blue
7. Make a dream catcher
8. Think of more steps (erm)

Hope you enjoyed this style of post, have a happy happy day...


  1. Oh ! Please please please keep updating us on how this goes because my situation is actually 100% identical to yours ! Furniture only fits in one way. Won't be moving rooms. Can't paint / buy new stuff !

    I might do something like this too - make a mood board and lists !

    Also I made a dreamcatcher the other day for my room so you could check it out on my blog post :) It's not a full tutorial but it might give you some ideas !

    Looking for new Diy room ideas all the time so maybe we could share inspiration as I am also trying to go from a pastel cute room with teddies everywhere to a more grown up one !

    Keep me updated :)
    Eb x

    1. Yes! I would love to share inspiration. I've pretty much been glued to my laptop screen pinterest(ing). I also love looking at Urban Outfitters online for some inspiration then thinking of how I can recreate that in a DIY. Seriously look on YouTube for ideas - soooo good :) I will check out your dream catcher now.

      Thanks for reading my blog posts and commenting, it means so much so lots of love <3

  2. just discovered your blog its gorgeous!
    followed <3
    would love you to check my blog out, i've recently just put up a new post xx
    love from Holly │ The English Eccentric