Wednesday, 23 July 2014

General Chatter

Hello! Today's post is a sort bumbling, un-structured chatty post where I am basically going to suggest some ideas other random shizz in the hope that it can improve my blog!

1. SURVEY- thank you so much to everyone who took part in my survey! I got about 4 responses which I was really happy about and have given  me LOADS of new ideas. You can still take the survey HERE.

2. STRUCTURE- I'm thinking of coming up with a structure for my posts because at the moment it is really random. and I post when I want! What do you guys think?

3. COLLABORATIONS- I'm really hoping to expand my readership over the summer so if anybody wants to do a cheeky collaboration then let me know and shoot me an email :)

4. Q+A VIDEO- this idea scares me. Seriously. Yet, I love watching other bloggers share their videos and was hoping to give it a try so maybe *if I get enough YES' in the comments* then I will shoot one. If you have any questions for me to answer in this maybenotsureyetbuthopefully Q+A video then leave them in the comments please! 

Sorry this post was so boring- will be back soon with more exciting stuff :) 


Credit to Tumblr for the picture

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  1. I think you should definatly do a q and a video ! That would be great. Or it could just be a bit about you ? Favourite item of clothing ? Favourite shoes ? Favourite food etc !
    Eb x