Monday, 3 March 2014

Guest Post// Interview with Amy


Hello everyone! My name is Amy and I blog over at [x]. Me and the lovely Jessie have decided to do a collaboration for you (you lucky lucky things!) so we have each answered questions about fashion, inspiration and pretty much everything in between! We hope you enjoy reading our answers! 

What are your three go to pieces in your wardrobe?
It usually takes me quite a long time to choose what to wear so if I’m really stuck I’ll always go for my black skinny jeans, burgundy Dr Martens and my vintage tartan blazer. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve worn that outfit!

Name one S/S14 high end item you're lusting after:
 his is literally the hardest question ever because I spend my life mentally spending my money! One of my fashion aims in life is to own a haute couture Elie Saab gown so I’ll say any dress from the S/S14 collection – it’s perfection!

Have you committed any fashion crimes, and if so what?
SO so many when I was younger (most of which I’d rather forget!) This is one of my personal favourite worst looks. Everything about it is just so wrong and yet I look so happy. Bad times, bad times…

Favourite fashion blogs?
Reading blogs is a daily part of my life and there are so many that I love for different reasons. for outfits (and hair!!), for DIY’s that I wish I could replicate(but I’m ridiculously awful at anything sewing related so that will never happen!) and’s style is so beautiful and vintage, but there are soooo many others I could list.

What are you most proud of about your blog?
To be honest, it still amazes me that people (and by that I mean non-relatives) read it. It’s an amazing feeling to know that people are interested in what you have to say and your experiences. The best thing is when my friends have a go at me for not posting - they get so annoyed if I leave it too long haha!

How would you describe your style?
Very dependent on my mood. Some days I want to put together my best outfit just to pop into town and others I feel like just rolling up some jeans and throwing on my Converse.

Favourite style quote to live by?
I have two. 'The fashionable woman wears clothes. The clothes don't wear her.' - Mary Quant because it reminds me to always dress for myself: if I want to wear all black, I’ll wear all black. It might not be the most fashionable choice, but it’s what I want to wear. The second is more of a life quote, but it can easily be related to fashion. “Some people are so poor, all they have is money” reminds me to be grateful for everything I have and not to envy those who have more material possessions. Its fashion meaning is that you don’t have to buy expensive things and wear designer brands to look nice.

What advice would you give to someone wanting to start a blog?
Just do it. Right now. Don’t worry about layouts and other fiddly things like that – you’ll be able to smooth that over later. It’s been nearly a year since I started mine and there are still little things about it that I want to change. Also, write about something you love and genuinely have an interest in, not just something that you think will get you readers. Similarly, don’t start a blog just for the perks and free stuff because believe me they are hard to come by and you are very lucky to receive PR samples!!

Who are your style icons and why?
They change pretty much daily. They might be a girl in the street one day and a celebrity the next. I don’t believe that you should limit yourself to only taking inspiration from the rich and famous; inspiration is everywhere. However, if we are talking celebrities, Olivia Palermo looks flawless 24/7 and Suki Waterhouse is my current girl crush. I could go on forever…

What influences your style the most?
I know they say you shouldn’t let the trends dictate your style, but they’re always going to. The shops stock the trends and unless you only ever shop at charity shops you’re bound to buy something that is “on trend”. For me, I think it’s a mixture of trends, music, film and the people around me. I look at my friends sometimes and just think “wow, you look so amazing today” so I’ll go and try and recreate their look with my own little twist.

 Thanks so much Amy! If you enjoyed reading Amy's answers then go and follow her blog! You can check out my answers on Amy's blog here: [x]


  1. great interview, dears. :) I really enjoyed reading, even if I'm not a huge fashion person. <3
    Tane ♥

    1. Thanks so much- btw your name is so pretty :)

  2. You're blog is truly adorable! ♥

    Claire xo