Tuesday, 18 February 2014

oh how the wind blows...

So once again, me and Ciara braved the windy weather of Britain and found this beautiful church. It provided some amazing backdrops as well as some unusual textures such as the building 'keep out' fence(y) thing!

Jessie Wears
Top- Primark
Jumper- Primark
Scarf- Charity Shop
Jacket- Charity Shop
Skirt- A gift
Shoes- TopShop
Socks- Primark

This is my favourite shoot to date as it portrays the rustic textures perfectly. I think this look is preppy with an edge. My jacket was actually a hand-me down from my grandma which I love so much! It is really quirky and suits this outfit brilliantly. My shoes were a Christmas present and go with EVERYTHING. I can't stop wearing them- especially when teamed with frilly socks.

Oh and of course you can see my dip-dyed hair! I am so pleased with the look of it- subtle yet it blended with the rest of my hair really well. I would definitely recommend Loreal Wild Ombre.

I really hope you liked this outfit, feel free to comment below.

Much Love,



  1. Wow I love all these photos ! I absolutely love the jacket ! Wish I could get one like it ! Your hair looks beautiful ! Does it dry like that naturally ? Like its so cute and wavy !
    Eb x

    1. Hiya! My hair does dry wavy but to get these sorts of waves I would recommend putting it in four rope braids when your hair is wet! Then when you wake up volah gorgeous waves! x

  2. Your hair looks amazing, it turned out really well! I love that jacket too, it goes so well with your outfit. I wan it wahh xxx


  3. That jacket is pretty, and you style it well too! :D Oh yes, for hand-me-downs! I raid my mum's closet all the time. :P


  4. Love this outfit, buddy! Chat soon, k? xx

    Arielle // Spaceship to Infinity

  5. Yes plz bud!skype soon miss youuuuu xxxx