Monday, 3 February 2014

February Shmebruary

Yes. I am in a weird mood. I have had a pretty hard week. Some of my closest friends don't talk to me any more and to be honest I feel ready to give up. HOWEVER, I have found hope in the weirdest, wackiest most wonderful places.


Okay so I have made a list which for some weird reason I have decided to post on the web. I am having second thoughts about this blog, I love it and am proud of it but I feel like I will never be as successful as some of the other blogs girls my age have.

1. Follow my instagram! One way I really want to boost this blog is have an instagram account. My account is a mix of my own photos and photos stolen  from tumblr. @paintingtheoceanblog

2. Email me! Emails make me smile so please keep them coming.

3. Comment below on the following things:

What posts are your favourites?

Do you have a request for another short story like Jenna's?

Would you like to see more fashion posts?

Any other suggestions?

It would also be amazing to promote things yet at the moment I will stick to dreaming. Dreaming is amazing.

February is such a weird month. Valentines. Oh, without being to cynical, I very very much dislike valentines. I am 15 and have never been in love and to be honest I am finding that a very hard to concept to grasp when the world is receiving cute cards. I want that too. I do. I feel freakish and weird like I have something that repels that kind of lovey dovey stuff. Poo.

Basically the point is, if you have never had a valentines, you are not alone. Oh no. I am going to work hard this year to keep my head up and high as life is worth soo much more than a soppy picture of a teddy with the 99p sticker still on the back. Trust me.

Sorry for the weird post.

Be back soon with some fashion shoots.

Much love,



  1. Do another short story, I loved your last one :) I've never had a valentine. At our school we do a thing where you pay a pound and write down the name of who you like and their form. It then gets delivered to them on valentines day and they don't know who it is from! It's a really cute idea and I normally just send them to my friends. xxx
    Oh btw did I email you, I keep forgetting if I emailed you back! xx

  2. I feel the same about my blog. So many second thoughts :(
    Eb x

  3. A post like Jenna!!! and, I know this is un related but.. Where did you get the custom search bar from?

    1. - follow that link for a step by step tutorial xx

    2. Thanks! And honestly... I could not agree more over the subject of Valentines with you. Love comes from within. And we have started materializing it with chocolates and teddy bears.


  4. Don't give up! Your blog is one of my favourites and your posts are so original! I love to see Outfit and Makeup of the day posts, tumblr posts, anything you want to post! And with instagram, do shoutouts with the people who have lots of followers, and they should return them! x

    1. thanks so much, this has really helped! yes many more outfit posts on the way xx

  5. Hi, Jessie. :) I really like your blog and I'm a new, yeah. <3
    Tane ♥

  6. Never give up Jess!!!! Your blog is amazing and you are too :) I hope that things are going better for you this week but if they're not, they will soon! Things always get better :) Hope you had a happy Valentines Day <3