Saturday, 15 September 2018

lightning, waterfalls + dancing // split, croatia

The best places are the ones that you leave feeling more alive. Writing this in the sky, a man reading Harry Potter to my right, the clouds to my left, I'm smiling. Split, Croatia was booked in a fairy lit bedroom last January. It was a holiday without expectation, hidden away at the end of summer, and was one of the most wonderful trips I have ever taken.

day 1
- people watching at the airport (people are my favourite)
- pinky,purple sunrise over the runway
- seeing our adorable airbnb
- exploring the roman palace
- stepping in to old town (+ it feeling like a storybook)
- burger w/ crispy bacon
- chatting. a lot.
- european ice cream >
- *the most sublime lightning whilst sitting by the harbor; a raging sky against the velvet flat of the ocean...*
- dancing to reggae
- being obnoxiously tipsy (and english)
- game of thrones remix
- peparami stick

day 2
- acai bowl (living my instagram dreams)
- ubering to Joe's Beach
- *swimming in perfect secluded water*
- venturing on a very hot mini hike
- eating some weird bread (but loving my milkshake)
- accidentally stumbling across a nudist beach and having to avoid (sometimes unsuccessfully) the old men
- cooking pasta (watching my friends cook pasta)
- hilarious croatian intermezzo's
- cocktails in Academia Ghetto
- dancing to Shakira in the back room

day 3
- chocolate croissant for breakfast
- getting a coach to the Krka waterfalls
- wandering through the fairytale forest
- *light playing on trees and falling in to the turquoise waters*
- failing to elegantly enter the waterfall
- trying not to drown in the waterfall
- having a titanic moment whilst clinging on to a rock
- failing to elegantly climb out of the waterfall (+ resembling gollum)
- sunbathing and listening to good music
- watching some tight ropers fall off their tightrope
- finding a dead wasp in my hair
- sunset over the city
- watching the sunset from the bell tower
- the best onion rings ever
- pina colada
- watching the city shift in to night

day 4
- chocolate croissant again
- setting sail on Mario's boat (assuming he's called Mario)
- jumping off said boat in to turquoise water
- swimming in the blue lagoon
- thoroughly enjoying eating grilled chicken
- walking around another island
- missing vanilla milkshakes
- feeling pretty bleh on the long boat journey back
- but also feeling awed by the sun on the ocean
- falling asleep but persevering
- crappy wine then heading to a bar crawl
- squishing on to a coach with a load of european boys
- going to the free drinks bar. a lot.
- *dancing. a lot. (and being the only one's dancing)*
- singing the spice girls rap when the dj skipped it
- game of thrones remix again (but this time, on violin)
- coach. singing shrek with people from belgium. singing about jeremy corbyn with ourselves.
- learning italian in the toilet
- making portugese friends
- more dancing
- going to the club and more dancing
- hiding in the toilet (argentinian bear)
- another chocolate croissant

day 5
- sleeping
- onion rings and vegetables
- reminiscing over the previous night
- market browsing
- haunting croatian choir
- visiting our favourite supermarket for the final time
- walking to the beach at night
- final pina colada whilst discussing music, youtubers + maddie ziegler
- tidying our now disgusting airbnb

day 6
- flying home
- but smiling with memories and promises (as always) to be back

- J

Saturday, 19 May 2018

lack of love (+ lots of it)

I once said to a friend: I have never been in love.

19-years-old. My favourite film is Love, Rosie and I manage to fall in love effortlessly with book characters. I dream of romance; and yet,

I can only imagine the pain behind the lyrics of those sad songs. A hopeless romantic, I am, but hopelessly in love, I have not been.

My friend replied: You have - you are. Just not with a person.

I look forward to the feeling of being hopelessly in love - the pain of it - but, for now; in the waiting, I choose not to wait.

A list of things to be in love with.

- books (particularly those that transport you).
- music.
- nature (trees, the sea, wild-flowers, the moon).
- laughter.
- creating (writing, painting, singing, anything).
- mornings.
- evenings.
- tomorrow's.
- change (sometimes hard to embrace but without it, we would never grow).
- dreams (night dreams and life dreams).

Life begins with being in love - but not with a person. I think that comes later.
- J